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Supporting women with pregnancy yoga, positive birth support & empowerment.

My name is Claire, I have been working with pregnant women since 2004 supporting them during pregnancy, birth & beyond through a variety of services.  The classes offered by Ripple are for every woman – many of our mamas-to-be have never done yoga before.

It’s amazing to witness how yoga can support the ever-changing body during the life changing empowered experience of pregnancy, birth and how beneficial it is during the postnatal months. A Ripple class will support and nourish you, mama-to-be, plus many friendships are created with this bond.  It is wonderful to be in such a beautiful position to support and continue to motivate and inspire other mamas in the community.  Truly honoured ….

Claire’s sensitive, informed and non judgemental delivery of the classes, the opportunity to chat with other mums to be in a safe and caring environment was important for my preparation into motherhood.
 Jane, new mummy

Whether it’s your first baby or your third I am confident that the classes offered will help you cope with the changes, connect to your baby and improve your wellbeing.

A large percentage of our clients are recommended to us by other clients and this is something I am truly proud of. The classes support and nourish mamas-to-be and many friendships are nurtured in our classes (and through our private community Facebook group). These supportive friendships that are nurtured during the pregnancy yoga or postnatal yoga classes are a new mama’s and her baby’s first community of friends and usually are friends for life.

If you are interested or want further information about the classes please feel free to contact me, I will be very happy to help!  Alternatively take a peek at my website to find out more about the services I offer.  I look forward to hearing from you soon – Thank you for connecting and wanting to join the Ripple family … we are one “big” family based in Northampton, UK.

“It’s not just a yoga class, it’s an education, it’s elating, encouraging, an emotional support network.  The lot!  There’s nothing else quite like it!”  
Liz, new mummy

What’s in it for you?
We keep it simple, doing things in a way that you can understand and feel good about doing them.  Creating connections with yourself, your baby and each other. This is about your journey from maiden to motherhood.  These classes will tell you what you need to hear … you may not like it but you’ll grow to love it.

 “The body can never go, where the mind has never gone”  Bruce Lee


Here’s what we offer:

Pregnancy Yoga
The class creates a warm and welcoming space which will hopefully help mummies to be to nurture themselves and create the time to connect with and nurture the baby growing within them.

  • Strengthens the pelvis & pelvic floor
  • Re-aligns the spine
  • Breathing techniques for your labour  …. more

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 08.39.17Aqua Pregnancy Yoga … currently not offered
Aqua yoga is an ideal form of exercise for pregnant women irrespective of their level of fitness. …. more





Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy massage is a wonderful way for mothers-to-be to relax, rejuvenate, and release some of the stress that their bodies are under for those nine months. While the massage obviously feels fantastic, there are many other benefits   …. more




155335231Doula Services
The word ‘doula’ (pronounced doo-la) literally means ‘woman who serves’, but has grown to mean a woman who supports another woman through pregnancy, birth and in the postnatal period. It is also sometimes referred to as the role of ‘mothering the mother   …. more


162329214Well Woman Happy Baby Yoga
Classes are held from 10:00 – 12:00.  The class is for mummy and baby and combines postnatal & baby yoga with baby massage & movement …. more



IMG_1020Well Woman
Well Woman yoga classes are special women’s classes which cater for individual needs related to reproductive health, before conception, between pregnancies or whenever women are drawn to nurture themselves in a more attentive way    …. more 




459044801Baby Massage
Baby massage fosters mutual trust, understanding & develops your confidence with your baby. Your baby’s immune system, circulation and digestion are stimulated, whilst it helps relieve fractiousness, anxiety, colic & constipation. It helps baby sleep longer & sounder more …..






Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 23.37.42



Continuous Professional Development 

The opportunity to share the knowledge amongst local doulas. midwives, yoga teachers, practitioners and those that work with pregnant ladies, babies and toddlers …




A short video about the work that we do …. please watch


We invite you and your family to allow us the privilege of accompanying you on your path to parenting … and welcome you to the Ripple Effect family and community based in Northampton, Northants, UK.

For further information please Contact Us


I have supported over 1000 families since I started in 2004 and feel very passionate that I have added a little extra magic to each of these families experiences.

I don’t offer concessionary places, because I believe my prices are fair and reflect my level of training and experience. However, I know that during your pregnancy and postnatally these times can be financially very stressful.  So if money is an issue, I would always rather you made me a reasonable offer than simply stayed away. (This also applies if your financial circumstances change once you have a space in a class.) 
I am also open to offers of skill swaps/exchange of services.

I do not offer taster classes.  This would not be beneficial to you and would only give you an insight into the theme for the week not the whole package and how beneficial that is to you when planning for the birth of your baby.

I do offer clients who wish to book a combination of classes, courses or just want to know that they have the security of a weekly space packages at a discounted rate.

Please read the Booking conditions clearly when booking classes.  No time wasters please … if a space is available then jump in quick because it may be gone in a flash.



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