Me Day


A day for you … you do not need to be pregnant or have a child … and no it’s not selfish.

A day that is purely for you, indulging you completely …. nothing to do but enjoy and be pampered, nourished and nurtured … no distractions …




What would the day include:
Initial consultation to plan your day
5 hours of in-home support, pampering, etc to ensure you get the rest you need
freshly cooked meal – lunch
light housecleaning
supporting you emotionally & holding space if you need to talk

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How much would you pay for a day of pure luxury …

step away from the cooker, forget the washing, ironing & cleaning …. instead take a nap, have a wonderful honouring bath and massage … YES????

YOU deserve a ME day!

I can think of some really lovely things to add to this that would really honour the woman … a sacred bath, space to be you! honouring and pampering. Ohh so much that would be beautiful and appropriate for the individual woman.









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