My Mum & Me!

A retreat day for mamas and their daughters  (10 – 13 year olds)

Strengthen the connection between mother & daughter
Ancient wisdom of coming-of-age traditions based on community & spirit.
Honour & celebrate

Using a range of activities, concepts and messages as well as a host of resources and support materials this is an amazing retreat for mamas and their daughters to explore key coming-of-age concepts.  Practical advice, fun activities, journalling to support our daughters as they enter adolescence.  An opportunity to explore in a safe space to help her discover and celebrate her true self and your connection.

How to support your daughter and understand the social and peer pressures she faces on a daily basis. How to talk to your mum and not feel that you have to bottle things up until you are really unhappy.   Lets discuss everything and anything in a safe space about growing up, puberty, periods, breasts, body changes and emotional changes.

Retreat days to be arranged …. interested please email Claire 

Cost is £80.00 for mum & daughter.