Little Card of Positivity

I recently read an article about how pregnancy and the postpartum should be joyful … not for all women … for some it is a highly anxious time and for others it can trigger off so much … Then someone posted a beautiful video of a lady who had suffered with depression and started a beautiful project where she sent hand written cards to complete strangers who emailed her … I really connected with this … and it made me think of all those that don’t have the access to classes like I offer at Ripple Effect Yoga … to know that they have this safe space to come and be “held”, to share how they are feeling …

This was the blog post I shared ….

So I’m starting a new project … it’s a “little cards of positivity” … #littlecardofpositivity

How does this work?

Do you know someone who is pregnant?

Do you know someone who may have just had a baby?

Are they feeling very anxious or even a little blue?

Would you like them to receive a “little card of positivity?”

Share this page with them and if they feel that they would like to connect … if you’d like them to receive a card but feel that they wouldn’t do it off their own back then gently sue out if they would be happy for you to share their contact form with a message, their name & address and I’ll pop a card of positivity to them. There is no charge.