Quiet Day Retreat

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A quiet gentle day to physically retreat … to take a step back, to withdraw to a place of
seclusion, shelter or privacy.

A holiday and a retreat are two different things.  Holidays are temporary distractions from our responsibilities and routines, and any sense of peace and quiet we may achieve can be quickly eroded when we get back.

A quiet day yoga retreat gives you time to step out of your everyday life and re-focus on the things that matter most.

Come & rediscover your centre, balance your body and mind and experience a deep inner calm and focus. This is possible because we are not simply relaxing (forgetting) but exploring and practicing the methods needed to lead healthy, balanced lives.
During retreat we take stock of what we have been doing and notice which of our resources are most depleted. Once we become centred again we are able to mindfully replenish ourselves.

What happens on a quiet day?
Quiet days are usually from around 10:30 am to 3:30 pm
There will be a programme and during the day there will be time for you to reflect on your own, in a way that feels helpful to you, we will be utilising restorative well woman yoga,
guided meditation & deep relaxation, spending time with other like minded women)

There will be lovely refreshment breaks including a nutritious shared lunch of soup, home baked bread, fresh fruit and baked treat.

At the end of the day there will be the opportunity to share your experiences with the group (if you choose too).


Is a retreat right for you? IMG_3404 copy

Ask your self these questions?

Do you:

  • Wish for some quiet time?
  • Need some time for reflection away from work or family?

Then a quiet day retreat might be just for you.

Retreats are for ordinary people at any time in their lives.
There are no expectations on anyone going on retreat.

This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a break from the routine and commitments of your daily life.  Allow yourself to simply be…  to stop running and doing… and retreat for a few hours to relax!

A quiet day features the ideal balance of energy for the body and food for the soul. Learn deep relaxation techniques and experience relief from built up stress, tension and worries in
This perfect day includes modified well woman yoga techniques, guided meditation and how you can add mindfulness to your daily life. You will leave thinking clearly and feeling great.

For further information please Contact Us

IMG_3400 copyWhat to bring:

A journal to reflect in.
Any refreshments that are specific to your nutritional needs.
Yourself, a comfortable cushion/pillow & blanket.
Mats, blocks etc will be supplied.


Dietary Needs:  Please advise if you have anything specific.