Sacred Circle @ Ripple Northampton

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From menarche to post menopause all are welcome, as are those with babes in arms. 
The womb is a social space …. if you feel this circle is relevant to you – you are welcome.

This is a safe space – for women from every walk of life …. those with differing experiences and opinions … can safely join us to share these. You need hold no certain beliefs but an open mind and curiosity would be desirable.
Perhaps you would like to co-lead a session or a meditation?
Maybe you just want to come and be quiet?
Do you offer massage …. or another skill?

None of these things are essential and I suggest we start simply …. lets meet and evolve together. We would meet monthly, as close to the Full Moon as possible, so days, dates and times may vary but will be posted in the facebook group.

As our mutual starting point we could use this to guide us:

Sitting in Circle – The Basics:

1. Come as you are

2. Share what you need to and listen with heart

3. Everyone gets to speak

4. All are heard

If you have experience in leading similar groups or knowledge of menstruality teaching or would be interested in leading sessions it would be amazing if you would step forward to compliment the experience I have as a doula, pregnancy yoga teacher and mentor ….

“Women’s lives have changed immeasurably in the last 50 years but we still live in a desperately unequal world where many women feel powerless and unheard. In particular we have yet to achieve balance in terms of leadership and how decisions are made. Meanwhile shocking levels of violence and discrimination against women continue in our communities and around the world. The Red Tent movement is about creating regular feminine spaces for women to share their stories, rest and gain strength to meet the challenges of our time and their daily lives. This is work that we believe will make a difference not only to women themselves but also to all the people around them. In short, we “know” that the simple act of creating safe and empowering feminine spaces is life and world changing work.”

If you are unaware of the concept of a Red Tent / women’s circle please take a look at where you will find the answers to all your questions, I would suggest downloading the ‘Red Tent Tool-kit’.

Each month women invite women into the community space, and spend time together for a whole day, afternoon or evening.

In doing so we set the intention of taking time out of our busy lives to slow down, rest, talk, share food, enjoy creative pursuits and take part in other activities that fulfill our needs. When we come together in this way each month we are able to be more present in our own lives and the lives we share with others. When we meet in sacred circles we are also connected, by our practice and our intention, to all the other women who are holding these circles across the world.

Each circle develops its own distinct rhythm and pattern to the gathering that works for those that come. Equally the activities on a given day may differ, depending on what women in the group wish to receive or want to offer. The circle is a place where we can take off the roles we play in our own lives and provide a time to be together just as we are.

You are often invited to bring anything you would like to share, or a woman may offer to present something which is meaningful to her to stimulate some discussion and reflection. But most importantly the circle acts as a moment in the month where nothing more is asked of us than to simply be with where we are in ourselves, our bodies and our lives.

We begin our circles by lighting a candle and then we ‘check-in’ with each other, to share how we are feeling and anything that we would like to say. Women don’t have to share, only if they feel they would like to.
Some women offer to lead a session during the circle, sometimes a song, sometimes a guided meditation, sometimes some massage. Sometimes we discuss issues that seem to be resonating in the group. Some women choose not to participate in some of the activities and may just rest and relax.

A “Red Tent is a gorgeous opportunity for me to drop all responsibility for others and take the time to be fully present to myself within a circle of open-hearted women.” – Becca

“A space for women to come together, to love, to laugh and to cry, without shame, without judgement or fear. An invaluable and enriching circle, which I feel blessed to be a part of.” – Lucy


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