“I am” Retreat day

“I am” 


What am I? Who am I? Where am I?

We are multi-faceted … daughter, sister, niece, aunt, mother, colleague … the list is endless and sometimes so is the day to day activities of our lives where we do not have the chance to just BEto find the space to remember who “I am” 

Where have I gone?  What happened to the “me” that was spontaneous, fun-loving?  When did I suddenly grow up?  Where did I disappear to?

I have a story and it’s path is varied and has lots of deviations … where I am now … is that where I planned to be?  What diverted me?  What do I need to “find” me again?  Do I struggle from day to day and wish that life could be a little different?

The “I am” retreat is an opportunity to  …  take a step back, to withdraw to a place of seclusion, shelter or privacy.

To find a space for you to come to that gives you the opportunity to step away from your everyday life and focus on what matters the most – YOU!

Similar to the Quiet day retreat … this is an opportunity to come & rediscover your centre, balance your body and mind and experience a deep inner calm and focus. This is possible because we are not simply relaxing (forgetting) but exploring and practicing the methods needed to lead healthy, balanced lives.

During retreat we take stock of what we have been doing and notice which of our resources are most depleted. Once we become centred again we are able to mindfully replenish ourselves.

What happens on a “I am” retreat?
I am” kick starts the day at 09:30 with a come and join us for a cuppa and pastry.
The day then commences with some relaxation breath work and an opportunity to be within a space that helps you to dream, manifest, grow, expand, learn, create, be, dig deep, dis-cover, un-cover through sisterhood, magic, gratitude, exploration and connection. To believe that You are good enough and worthy of spending this time on YOU.

This is the time to see your Truths, acknowledge them, own them and see if we are okay with them … we will be better tomorrow, may be the next day … it’s part of our journey.

A journey that may be full of light & dark, seeking & giving, crying & laughter, dancing & being still, yin & yang.  Be ok with being pushed don’t be offended – look deeper.  Don’t blame me … look to yourself.  Commence this journey with other like minded sisters … do it together.  Create you circle of support.

We will look at some of the tools you may like to bring into your life to support you.

There will be a programme and during the day there will be time for you to reflect on your own, in a way that feels helpful to you spending time with other like minded women.

Why an I am retreat?

Women are natural born creators…be it through the birth of a baby, a project, a creative venture or just a rejuvenation of themselves.

If you are a WOMAN and are called to experience sisterhood in magical + meaningful ways then the *I AM* retreats are for you.

If you have trouble figuring out what you want to do with your life, honing in on your PASSION PURPOSE, or who you are in the world, then the I AM retreats are for you!

If you DON’T HAVE A sister TRIBE, then the I AM retreats are for you!

The I AM retreats are for all women…that is the only criteria to coming! Not every woman will birth a child in her lifetime, but EVERY WOMAN will birth herself again + again and sometimes we need help to re-DEFINE or re-SHAPE ourselves anew.

This is an amazing experience for you to come and explore your power as an EMPOWERED CREATRIX!

Become part of our SACRED TRIBE!

I AM…doing it!

… we will dip in and out of the following we won’t cover everything as there is never enough time … but we will start the journey together and then you will hopefully continue it in your own space …

There will be lovely refreshment breaks including a nutritious shared lunch of soup, home baked bread, fresh fruit and baked treats.

Allow yourself to simply be…  to stop running and doing… and retreat for a few hours to relax!

At the end of this perfect day I hope you will leave …. thinking a little more clearly … hopefully leave feeling great but you will leave having explored facets that may just surprise you and give you some tool to draw on when you need them during YOUR journey.


09:30 – 17:00

What to bring:
A journal to reflect in.
Any refreshments that are specific to your nutritional needs.
Yourself, a comfortable cushion/pillow & blanket. – we do have plenty but it’s nice to have your own creature comforts.

Dietary Needs:  Please advise if you have anything specific.

For further information please Contact Us

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