We offer a variety of retreat days that all have some magic and you will come away from feeling renewed, re-energised and so much more.

Sacred Pregnancy

In today’s western cultures, the typical pregnancy focuses on the baby to the exclusion of the woman herself, so that the entire experience has become more about preparing for the baby’s arrival than looking closely at oneself to prepare emotionally for all of the changes that creating a new life brings. A Sacred Pregnancy mini retreat helps the pregnant woman journey within herself to prepare for the birth of her baby.   more ….

Quiet Day

A quiet day yoga retreat gives you time to step out of your everyday life and re-focus on the things that matter most.

Come & rediscover your centre, balance your body and mind and experience a deep inner calm and focus. This is possible because we are not simply relaxing (forgetting) but exploring and practicing the methods needed to lead healthy, balanced lives   more ….

I am …. 

What am I? Who am I? Where am I? 

We are multi-faceted … daughter, sister, niece, aunt, mother, colleague … the list is endless and sometimes so is the day to day activities of our lives where we do not have the chance to just BE … to find the space to remember who “I am”     more ….

Pink Tent

A retreat day for mamas and their daughters  (10 – 13 year olds)
Strengthen the connection between mother & daughter
Ancient wisdom of coming-of-age traditions based on community & spirit.
Honour & celebrate     more ….

The Wonder Years 

Workshops for 13 – 18 year olds
Using a range of resources & support materials to support teenagers and their parents in this period of change ensuring that the family feel fully supported and nurtured.   more ….