Pregnancy yoga – 6 pre-booked dates – £62.50 (Paypal fees included)

Pregnancy – add on class to block – £12.50 if invoiced using BACS or £13.00 (Paypal fees included)

Well Woman Happy Baby – 6 continuous classes – £62.50 (paypal fees included) … £60 for any subsequent blocks paid via BACS invoice

Well Woman – 6 continuous classes – £62.50 (Paypal fees included) … £60 for any subsequent blocks paid via BACS invoice.

Pregnancy yoga / Well Woman Yoga 1:1 vi Skype (1 hour) – £37.00 paid via Paypal includes fees … additional £35.00

One to one classes – £45.00


So I was recently asked what I also sell in addition to the classes I run and offer …

Massage blends
Sacred Ripples Divine Massage Blend
Coconut oil blended with geranium, lavender, bergamot & frankincense.
Divine Massage coconut butter is truly indulgent. Available in 150ml pots
£7.50 per pot

Sweetwater Lactation tea
Breastfeeding Mothers – would you like to support your milk supply. Ingredients: fenugreek & fennel
£5.00 for approx 20-22 tea bags

Mamas Happy Tea
Fabulous tea for the new mama – any mama actually.
Contains: Alfalfa – balances hormones, revives strength
Cinnamon – stimulates uterus to heal, soothes anxiety / stress
Lady’s Mantle – uterine tonic, relieves after-pains
Motherwort – relieves postpartum cramps,
Nettle – general tonic for exhaustion, feeling overwhelmed
Red Raspberry Leaf – promotes healing & balance

Skullcap – nourishes nervous system, calms & aids sleep

Vervain – soothes baby blues, encourages milk supply
£5.00 for approx 20-22 tea bags

Raspberry Leaf Tea
Contains: Raspberry Leaf, alfalfa, nettles & dandelion.
£5.00 for approx 20 – 22 tea bags


SP-Vital-Fire-Tincture-Label After Pains Vital Fire tincture
Contains: cramp bark, white willow & has been infused in brandy for 6 weeks.
After Pains reduces discomfort associated with postpartum cramping.
Can be consumed 15 – 20 minutes before nursing or as required if painful cramping.
£5.00 per item



Postpartum Depression tincture
Contains: Motherwort, milky oat tops & has been infused in brandy for 6 weeks
£5.00 per item



Available in:
Coconut Lavender Sugar Scrub – body & feet
Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub – body & feet

Contains: Coconut oil, granulated sugar & essential oil
Use in the shower – be careful that you do not slip if there is any product on your feet!
£5.00 per item




Finger hand held – 10cm /4.25 inch diameter – £12.50
Larger hand held – 30cm/12 inch diameter – £35.00
more information …. 



Handmade starting from £40.00      more information ….


Relaxation downloads
Includes – safe space, sleeping baby breath, tailor made relaxation
£5.00 per set



Gift Certificates

Either an amount of credit or purchase a specific class/treatment etc please see treatments, classes and then please select the paypal button.



Knitted Gifts   …. more information

From Claire’s Crafty Concoctions – knitted booties, hats, kimono slippers, mary janes.  Please chat to me if you are interested …

Birth Pool Hire

Eco-mini and regular – £80 for 4 weeks
one of each in stock
Includes all the filling & emptying kit required. Does not include liner.
Discount code for liner (to be purchased separately).                               ….  more information