When a teacher asks ….

So I was recently approached if I had received this fab resource via a volunteer teacher  … https://bumpreveal.com by a teacher from a Community Centre in Texas …. here’s the message:

on behalf of some of the children I volunteer with at The B______ Community Center here in Texas. We’ve been reviewing some resources on babies. We came across your page http://www.rippleeffectyoga.co.uk/links/ and found it interesting.
As a thank you, a couple of the kids in the group wanted to send you back another page they found that it would be helpful. They thought you might want to add it your site because it could help you and your other visitors as well – https://bumpreveal.com

Would you be able to consider adding a link to the page they found on your site for them?
I would love to surprise them by showing them it on the site before they finish their project. They would be so excited!

That generally calls for a cake day around here! 🙂 Thank you in advance S

So most of you know that I like cake!!!  So I am sharing ….

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