Well Woman Happy Baby


Classes are approximately 1.5 – 2 hours.  The class is for mummy and baby

Well Woman Happy Baby is suitable from 6 weeks to 9 months.
It blends baby massage techniques, acupressure points, gentle flowing baby & mummy yoga; supporting you and your baby with specific conditions and helping you to reconnect with your postpartum body (pelvic floor reconnection and womb massage) and build elasticity and core strength.

Baby massage fosters mutual trust, understanding & develops your confidence with your baby. Your baby’s immune system, circulation and digestion are stimulated, whilst it helps relieve fractiousness, anxiety, colic & constipation. It helps baby sleep longer & sounder. It is the perfect preparation for co-ordinated movement & mobility, setting your baby on their feet with ‘perfect posture’ both sitting & standing, with strength & flexibility in all the right places. Baby massage is a natural response to your baby’s inherent need for tactile stimulation and can support various ailments from poor appetite, tummy concerns, bowel movements, sleep, congestion etc 

These classes blend a gentle massage sequence with acupressure for your baby with yoga movements beautifully to support your baby.  We nourish and nurture mummies blending postnatal & Well Woman yoga techniques to help you gently reconnect with your pelvic floor, regain stability, realign your body whilst gently strengthening and closing your post-birth body.  Truly magical. 

Suitable for women from 6 weeks postnatally (this is dependent on your birth – please email Claire to discuss as some mamas come along earlier than 6 weeks) and offering gentle stretches to tone and nurture your postnatal body, ease tiredness and aid the transition into motherhood.

To Book

Days offered:
Tuesday 10:00
Thursday 10:00
Friday 10:00

Number of spaces:
Maximum of 3 in a class unless indicated otherwise

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Dads are welcome to come along to a dedicated Baby Massage class however not to this one. The Dads sessions will be organised according to client requests.


Your course joining details will confirm the dates and times of your classes and what to bring with you.

Claire trained with Peter Walker who has been a physical therapist and yoga teacher since the late 1970s, he studied yoga, experiential anatomy and physiology until the mid ’80s with Arthur Balaskas, an associate member of RD Laing’s Philadelphia Association. During this period he worked within a group supervised by Dr Laing giving psycho-gymnastic and rebirthing workshops both in the UK and abroad. Between 1980-1986 Peter taught yoga techniques and massage in a number of Dr Laing’s therapeutic communities. From the early eighties he has worked with new mothers and babies, and babies with special needs, teaching postnatal yoga for mothers and developmental baby massage and soft gymnastics for infants and children.

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  1. Di Cockburn

    I love Claires classes, I started at 14 weeks pregnant and despite having a fear of giving birth I found myself relaxing and welcoming what was to come, I had a good labour and I put this down to Claire, someone I can trust. WWHB is even better, we do a little baby massage, baby yoga, sensory which all the mummies love, mummy yoga, and finished with tea and cake. My favourite day of the week.

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